Chairpersons - Bags Tournament

Lindsey Sauerbrei, Keith Flaherty.
Contact Lindsey @ to sign up!

Info at a Glance

You may download the flyer here - (PDF)
  • Saturday August 12th
  • 11:30 Check-in
    12:00 Start time
  • Located in Beverage Tent
  • Must be 21 or older to play
  • $20 Registration Fee
  • 32 Team Maximum
  • 100% Payout + Raffle Prizes
  • Each match will be best 2 out of 3 games

What is the Sweet Corn Festival Bags Tournament?

The Sweet Corn Festival Bags Tournament was started in 2015 as a new addition to the festival and is held inside the confines of the Beverage Tent. For $20, teams of 2 can enjoy an afternoon of fun and laughter, along with some competition and a few adult beverages or a soda!

Who can play in the Sweet Corn Festival Bags Tournament?

Anyone 21 or older that has a partner also 21 or older can play! No underage admittance to the beverage tent area will be allowed. The tournament is capped at 32 teams so sign up soon, before it's too late!


The tournament is run as a traditional double elimination tournament, almost! Teams will not be allowed to play back up through the winners bracket once they lose their first match. We do, however, pay prize money to 1st and 2nd place in both brackets. There is a 100% payout for this tournament. This means all money taken in for registration will be paid back out!! The difference between the payout for the championship bracket and the losers bracket is minimal. After all, this is a fun tournament and we like to share the wealth! BONUS: We also pay 7 random teams back their $20 registration fee at the end of the tournament via a drawing! You must be present to win this money. Raffle prizes also given away to teams that did not win money. Like we said, share the wealth!